Very please with the beautiful crystals I bought. They were great keeping me updated on the delivery of my fantastic crystals. Thanks so much

Lori Harstad

I am very surprised by the low ratings. I have been to so many crystal shops and I was surprised by the collection here. So many beautiful and unique pieces! Prices are also not outrageous or anything and are very comparable to other shops I've been to in the states. Would definitely recommend.

Jade Alder

Lady (owner of store) helps us to pick up the gift so kind and very polite! I found what I was looking for!

Sarvar Babamuratova

Nice quality selections of crystals and great customer service!

Byeong Sul Kim

I was very impressed with the variety they have over there! I found so many beautiful crystals to add to my collection. They also had a lot of jewelry and gifts (in terms of tourism). Their jewelry was very pretty and they were very kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!


My love for Crystal Dreams spans over 5+ years. I've always had a good costumer experience here. The shop is clean, organized, and has a great variety. I recommend this shop for both locals and visitors. Inventory ranges from delicate collectibles to durable souvenirs and more, with equally variable price points to fit any budget.

Natalie I

I had a great experience here. Came to her shop to purchase my first clear quartz point, I wasn't overcharged my specific piece was $19.99. Beautiful, unique pieces to choose from!! She minded her own business, offered us a basket for the little tumbled stones. I ended up buying only the clear quartz point, but I will be back for more! Hoping she'll bring in more variety of crystal points or clusters! And more palm stones without engraved sayings on it! Would come back here to shop!

Kilohoku Akahi

I went for the first time today and I didn't experience the owner being rude to other people at all. She was very nice and helpful to me and the customers in the store .

Tabitha Turner

Nothing but 5 stars from me !! This is a nice little shop in Maui. A little bit of everything , from gifts to healing stones !! Good Luck Charms !! Dont listnen to these other reviews this is a great store and the owner is too cute

John Rozmeski