Locally Owned Souvenir Store in Kahului, HI

Crystal Dreams has been a Kahului favorite for more than 30 years. We celebrate Hawaii’s rich history with our products and invite everyone - residents and visitors alike - to appreciate local with us. Since we’re locally-owned, you can trust us to provide the finest souvenirs that envelop the Hawaiian culture. 

All Locally Made Items

Each piece of artwork we offer - whether it’s a greeting card, piece of jewelry, or figurine - is locally made. And with artists that have experienced the Hawaiian culture themselves, we guarantee every item is inspired by the traditions and history of Hawaii. At Crystal Dreams, we design and craft each souvenir to help customers - visitors and residents alike - not just learn about the Hawaiian culture, but also appreciate it. 

Extensive T-Shirt Collection

A popular customer favorite here at Crystal Dreams is our extensive T-shirt collection. We design each T-shirt with colors and patterns that showcase Hawaii perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a basic T-shirt with a simple design, or an extravagant look with more text and colors, Crystal Dreams has something everyone in the family will love. 

As Maui’s go-to gift shop, Crystal Dreams offers unique souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else. Being locally owned, we understand the importance of offering products that represent the rich culture of Hawaii. Stop in today or give us a call to start your shopping in Hawaii off the right way!

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